Five things Jose Mourinho mentioned after controversial draw between Roma and Genoa

Roma were held to a goalless draw by Genoa on Saturday, but they felt they should have won it after late controversy.

Nicolo Zaniolo scored a late winner for Roma that was controversially ruled out by VAR, and the winger’s reaction earned him a second yellow card.

He was not the only one frustrated – so too was his manager Jose Mourinho.

Here are five things Mourinho said after the draw between Roma and Genoa.

On the disallowed goal

“No, I don’t want to comment on that. I can talk about the game, but I won’t talk about the goal, the red card, or the reaction to the disallowed goal.”

On the perceived foul

“If the referee has made the right decision there, then our game, the game born years ago by the masses and then beloved around the world, has changed. Football is a different sport. If this is what the referees are supposed to do, if this is a foul, then the game is not the same any more. We need to change the name of calcio, football, soccer … because it’s another sport now.”

On whether the sport is changing or it was a genuine mistake

“I don’t know. I will also give you a third option: in the eyes of power, Roma are insignificant.”

On combatting Genoa’s approach

“Genoa are a side desperately fighting for points to help them stay up, and so that’s why they play the way they play. It was an ugly performance, but it was a performance that allowed them to bring a point home with them. So it’s not a criticism, because if I was in their position I would probably do the same. It’s hard to go up against a side that plays like that.”

On increasing squad depth

“Today, for the first time, I felt like I had a substitutes’ bench that could help me to try and win the game. We didn’t end up winning, but I saw that we had different options available to us in order to change players and change tactics. Now we have more top-quality options on the bench.”

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