Watch and learn: 12 Roma chants every fan should know – and what they mean in English

Crowds are beginning to return to Serie A stadia and just as they always were before, Roma supporters have been in full voice.

Known for their passion, Giallorossi fans have several ways to sing their side to success.

But have you ever wanted to join in with the chants, without knowing what they are or what they mean in English? Here’s a guide to some of the most popular chants from across the years – with translations so you can learn as you go along.

Camminerò insieme a te

One of the most popular chants recently has been ‘Camminerò insieme a te’, which was introduced this season. It can be quite a mouthful to sing, but once you get used to the words, it should come together much easier.

Camminerò insieme a te

L’ AS Roma è la mia vita

Quando giochi sento che

Crescono i brividi dentro di me

Roma, lottiamo per la Roma

Tifiamo per la Roma

Sarò sempre con te

Passano gli anni,

Cambiano i giocatori

E anche i presidenti

Ma noi saremo qua

Questa è la lupa

Che batte sul mio petto

La Roma è il nostro amore

E noi siamo gli ultrà


In English, this roughly translates to:

I will walk with you

AS Roma is my life

When you play

The shivers grow within me

Roma, we fight for Roma

We cheer for Roma

I will always be with you

The years pass

The players change

And the presidents too

But we will be here

This is the wolf

That beats on my chest

Roma is our love

And we are the ultras

Come on Roma!

Voglio solo star con te

A chant that was regularly heard during Roma’s run to the semi-finals in the 2017-18 Champions League, this song is set to the tune of Achy Breaky Heart by Billy Ray Cyrus – having been adapted from the popular ‘Please don’t take me home’ chant sung by fans of British national teams.

It’s a fairly simple chant that makes frequent use of words like ‘Forza’ and ‘Alé’. They don’t have direct translations into English in this context, but are used in a similar way to how an English fan would say ‘Come on’ or ‘Go on’ – often tagging on the ends of phrases as exclamations of support.

Roma alé

Forza Roma alé

Voglio solo star con te

Voglio vincere

E cantar per te

Forza, forza Roma alé

Which in English, equates to:

Come on Roma

Come on Roma

I just want to be with you

I want to win

And sing for you

Come on, come on Roma

Sei l’unica ragione

This is a short, simple chant that should be easy to learn. It makes use of the word ‘Daje’, a piece of Roman dialect derived from the Italian ‘Dai’, meaning ‘Come on’. ‘Daje Roma’ is a phrase every fan should be familiar with, and it finds itself right at the start of this song.

Daje Roma alé

Io che amo solo te

Sei l’unica ragione

Del mio modo d’essere

In English:

Come on Roma

I only love you

You are the only reason

Of my way of being

Forza grande Roma, lo sai che io ci sono

Inspired by a Boca Juniors chant, this song sounds wordy at first, but once broken down, it becomes easy enough to pick up.

Forza grande Roma

Lo sai che io ci sono

Lo sai che ci sarò in ogni momento

Con te io scendo in campo

I tuoi colori un vanto

La maglia che tu hai io la porto dentro

E io sono cresciuto con te

E io sono cresciuto col tuo nome

Questa Roma è il nostro grande amore

Se la segui e canti vincerà

In English:

Come on, great Roma

You know that I am there

You know that I will be there in every moment

With you I take to the pitch

Your colours are a source of pride

The shirt that you have, I wear inside

And I have grown up with you

And I have grown up with your name

This Roma is our great love

If you follow it and sing, it will win

Finchè vedrai, sventolar questa bandiera

One of the more modern chants, which has also been used by other teams, this chorus begins with a countdown, before breaking into the following.

Sì! Questa sera parto subito,

Prendo il treno delle undici,

Il biglietto non ce l’ho….


Finchè vedrai

Sventolar questa bandiera,

Siamo gli ultras della Roma

e per sempre canterem!

In English:

Yes! This evening I depart straight away

I’ll take the 11 o’clock train

I don’t have a ticket

I will upload

As long as you see

Waving this flag

We are the ultras of Roma

And we will sing forever

C’è una ragione

A song that has built up over the years, the latter part came into chorus around the time of Roma’s third Scudetto, before the earlier bit was added later.

Voglia di stringersi un po’

Curva Sud Roma vecchie maniere

E si parlava di noi,

Di giorno e sera,

Alza al cielo la bandiera,

E grida forte

Roma vinci insieme a noi…

Se per innamorarsi ancora

Sosterrò sempre e solo la mia Roma

Lo sai perchè

Tutta la mia vita è giallorossa

C’è una ragione

Ho la Roma nel mio cuore

AS Roma io non vivo senza te

In English:

The will to tighten a little

Curva Sud Roma, old ways

And there was talk of us

At day and night

Raising the flag to the sky

And shouting loud

Roma wins together with us

To fall in love again

I will always and only support my Roma

You know why

All my life is yellow and red

There is a reason

I have Roma in my heart

AS Roma I can’t live without you

Forza grande Roma, non sarai mai sola

A chant derived from a popular Spanish song in early 2019, the lyrics once again remind the team of the fans’ undying support.

Forza grande Roma

Non sarai mai sola

Gioca ogni partita fino alla vittoria

Lotta con il cuore, senza aver paura

Non fermarti adesso dai combatti ancora


Questa tua gente ti segue da sempre

La nostra Curva risponde presente

In English:

Come on, great Roma

You will never be alone

Play every game until victory

Fight with the heat, without having fear

Don’t stop yourself now, go fight again


These, your people follow you forever

Our Curva answers as present

Maciniamo chilometri

Rewinding to a more historic chant, this song was aired towards the end of the 1980s, to the tune of Boney M’s Rivers of Babylon – and it can still occasionally be heard today.

Maciniamo chilometri

Superiamo gli ostacoli

Con la Roma

In fondo al cuor

In fondo al cuor!

In English:

We grind for kilometres

We overcome obstacles

With Roma

At the bottom of the heart

At the bottom of the heart!

Ale Ale Roma Alè

We’ll finish with some simpler songs that don’t need translating, simply because they mainly use words like ‘forza’ and ‘alè’ – and you know what they mean by now. This one in particular should be easy for anyone to pick up.

Ale ale Roma alè

Ale ale Roma alè

Ale ale Roma alè

Ale Roma alè

Forza Roma alè

Another of the easiest songs to pick up, this chant can repeat for a long period of time.


Forza Roma alè

Forza Roma alè

Forza Roma alè

Roma alè, Roma alè, Roma alè

Tutti insieme forza Roma alè

Yet another variation on the forza Roma alè theme, with the addition of ‘Tutti insieme” – a phrase meaning “all together” – this is sung to the tune of Go West by Pet Shop Boys – a recognisable melody that makes the chant easy to learn.

Alè, forza Roma alè

Alè, forza Roma alè

Alè, forza Roma alè

Tutti insieme forza Roma alè

Forza Roma, la Roma alè alè

Another song to a familiar backdrop, this chant is set to The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine.

Alè alè, alè alè

Forza Roma, alè alè

Alè alè, alè alè

Forza Roma, alè alè

Forza Roma, la Roma alé alé

Roma alé alé

Roma alé alé

Forza Roma, la Roma alé alé

Roma alé alé

Roma alé alé

That is just a snap-shot of some of the main choruses heard from the Curva Sud. Feel free to leave a comment if there are any others you would like to be featured. Which are your favourites?

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  1. Nice compilation, though I’ll say that as an old-school stadio fan, I noticed some of the chants are more recent. I would definitely add:

    Sostenendo la mia fede
    io mi sono convinto che
    non c’è donna non c’è prete
    perché in mente ho solo te;
    Sosteniamo l’AS Roma con le braccia in su
    in Italia in Europa non ci ferman più
    AS Roma
    AS Roma

    As well as:

    As Roma,
    Io di giorno e notte,
    In ogni stadio per te faccio A botte,
    E me ne frego io della Diffida,
    Perché la Roma è tutta la Mia vita,
    E quando segna,
    Esploderà il settore,
    Alziam le braccia al nostro Grande amore,
    As Roma,
    As Roma alé…

    In ogni caso, sei n’grande!! Daje…forza ROMA!

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