Quiz: Can you name the last 10 players to assist Francesco Totti goals for Roma?

Francesco Totti scored goals for Roma up until he was 40, comfortably surpassing everyone else on the club’s scoring chart.

But can you remember his later period of goalscoring before he retired in 2017 – and more specifically, who set up his strikes?

In this quiz, you have 10 minutes to try and remember the last 10 individual players to provide assists for Totti. The years of each player’s most recent assist for Totti are given as clues.

Some players may have assisted him more than once in the timespan below, but the quiz is asking for 10 different individuals, which means you’ll have to stretch your memory back to 2012.

See how many you can remember, and then share your score with Giallorossi Yorkshire on Twitter or Facebook, or by commenting on this post.

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