Every way Roma Women can win the Scudetto today

The countdown is on before Roma Women can claim the title of Serie A Femminile champions for a second season in a row.

After Monday’s win over nearest challengers Juventus, Roma are closing in on their second successive Scudetto. With both teams playing on Saturday, this could be the day the Giallorosse officially move beyond anyone’s reach at the top of the table.

Roma begin the day 13 points above Juventus, with both teams having five games left to play. Juventus are mathematically the only team that could catch Roma, however unlikely it already is.

On one hand, the permutations are simple. If Roma beat Fiorentina away today, the title will be theirs regardless of Juventus’ result against Sassuolo.

Indeed, both teams winning their respective fixtures would retain the 13-point gap with only 12 left to play for after.

But Roma might not even have to win to become champions today. If Juventus lose, it will be over regardless, as again, at least a 13-point gap would be in place. The same goes for both teams drawing their respective games.

While Roma’s game at Fiorentina kicks off at 3:15pm UK time/4:15pm Italian time, Juventus’ game at home to Sassuolo kicks off at 1:30pm UK time/2:30pm Italian time.

Therefore, there is the slightly unusual prospect of Roma potentially becoming champions just as their own game is getting underway, if Juventus have lost. Their game will finish just after 3:15pm UK time depending on how much added time there is.

The only way Roma won’t win the title today is if they fail to win and Juventus pick up three points, as that would cut the gap to either 10 (if Roma lose) or 11 points (if Roma draw). Nevertheless, it seems a matter of when, not if.

Last season, Roma became champions on 29th April, also against Fiorentina. This is their last game before that date this year, so represents their chance to get over the line even quicker.

Update: Juventus won and Roma drew, which means Roma now have an 11-point lead with 12 left to play for. Juventus’ next game is on Friday 26th April, which is before Roma’s on Wednesday 1st May. If Juventus fail to beat Inter on Friday, Roma would be champions before they next play. If Juventus win, Roma would have to wait until their game against Sassuolo, aiming to win in order to confirm the title.

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