Quiz: How well do you know the Roma career of Giancarlo De Sisti?

Rounding off the group of quizzes about three Roma players born on this day, here’s a selection of questions about the oldest – Giancarlo De Sisti.

The Italian was a gifted midfielder whose heyday came before fellow birthday boys Bruno Conti and Sebino Nela, although he did form part of the same squad as Conti later in his career.

A Roma Hall of Fame member since 2016, De Sisti is equally highly regarded in the club’s history. But with his career coming before the other duo, will you know more or less about him?

In case you missed the earlier quizzes, you can try them here – this is the link for Conti, and here’s the one for Nela.

Have a go at this quiz as well to see who you know the best.

Good luck, and don’t forget to let @RomaYorkshire know your score on Twitter.

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