True or false? All about former Roma star Toninho Cerezo

Toninho Cerezo was a Brazilian midfielder who became one of Roma’s standout stars of the 1980s.

While he only made just over 100 appearances for the club, he still earned a place in folklore thanks to his qualities and personality – and is a member of the AS Roma Hall of Fame.

After being recommended to the club by midfield compatriot Paulo Roberto Falcao, Cerezo won two trophies with Roma before leaving for Sampdoria, where he would win the Serie A title.

But can you sort the fact from fiction about the Brazilian star, who turns 65 on 21st April, 2020 – sharing a birthday with the city of Rome itself?


There are 10 statements about Cerezo below – all you have to do is click whether they are true or false.

Once you’ve had a go, don’t forget to share your score via Twitter, Facebook, or by commenting on this post.

Good luck!


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