Roman Roots: Jason Palmer

The Roman Roots series gives Roma fans from outside Italy the chance to explain why they support the Giallorossi.

In this installment, Jason Palmer, from Albany, Washington in the Tyne and Wear region, describes how Roma’s meeting with his English team started a love affair with the side from Italy’s capital.

You can find Jason on Twitter @original_j72.

When and how did you become a Roma fan?

I became an AS Roma fan 1999 when Newcastle United played them in the UEFA Cup.

What are your earliest memories of Roma?

My earliest memories were winning the Scudetto in 2000-01 and the scenes from within the stadium.

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Who were the first Roma players you can remember liking and why?

Totti, then Conti, Voller, Giannini and DDR.

Have you been able to form connections with other Roma fans? If so, how?

Only on Twitter.

What makes you proud to be a Roma fan?

I love ASR, they are in my heart and my wife is a Juve fan so makes me even more proud to be romanista ♥️💛⚡🐺

I named my twins, girl Francesca (after Totti) and boy Gabriel (after Batistuta) 🐺⚡❤️ 💛 another Roma fact and my love 😂 I’ve also been to games when they play British teams in Europe… Middlesbrough, Man Utd and Man City.


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