Complete the commentary: Can you remember how Peter Drury reacted to Roma’s winner against Barcelona?

April 10th, 2018 was one of the most significant days in the history of Roma, as they produced a remarkable comeback to beat Barcelona 3-0 and reach the Champions League semi-finals.

For those that were in attendance at the stadium, it was an incredible experience. But it was even special for those sat watching at home – enhanced even further by the commentary of Peter Drury.

Drury’s reaction to Kostas Manolas’ late goal that won the tie for Roma has gone down in folklore. It was an unforgettable piece of commentary to an unforgettable moment, that made it all the more iconic.

But just how unforgettable was it?

In this quiz, you have to type in as many words of Drury’s commentary as you can remember. Handily, if a word was repeated, you only need to input it once and it will show you everywhere else he said that word, which may help you recall the structure later on.

It’s a bit of a different challenge to the usual type of quizzes here, but have a go and see how well you can do.

Don’t forget to share your scores with Giallorossi Yorkshire on Twitter or Facebook with a comment.

Good luck!

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