Ranieri rates Roma appointment of ‘magician’ Mourinho

Claudio Ranieri has predicted that Jose Mourinho will do a good job with Roma and insists he is still the Special One.

Roma are preparing for their first season with Mourinho in charge after he replaced Paulo Fonseca, who in turn was the successor to 2019’s interim boss Ranieri.

Acquiring Mourinho was a major coup for Roma, who can now dare to dream again after a difficult 2020-21 season.

Ranieri is currently looking for his own next job after parting ways with Sampdoria, but the big Roma fan has used the intervening time to comment on his hometown club’s situation.

Specifically, Ranieri is looking forward to the work Mourinho will do in Rome.

“I am friends with Mourinho,” he told Il Messaggero. “Do you remember when I was sacked by Leicester? He turned up at his press conference [when in charge of Manchester United] with a sweatshirt with my initials. It was a special thing.”

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‘Special’ is a word that has often been used to describe Mourinho – sometimes by himself – although there are some who fear he has lost the edge that gave him his nickname.

Mourinho failed to win a trophy in his last job at Tottenham, but Ranieri hit back at those who think he is no longer the Special One.

“Certainly, why do you have doubts?” he responded.

“Let’s not joke. He’s a magician.

“The Friedkins did a great operation, they took one of the best in the world in a few hours, without anyone knowing. Now the city will return to the centre of the world football debate, and then I am convinced that Mourinho will do well.

“He is a tactical magician, he knows how to do his job.

“He is a leader of the people. The Roma fans will go crazy.”

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