Roman Roots: Pete Clark

The Roman Roots series gives Roma fans from outside Italy the chance to explain why they support the Giallorossi.

In this edition, Pete Clark – who you can find on Twitter @ASRomaBristolUK – explains how his distaste for a rival player created a strong passion for Roma…

When and how did you become a Roma fan?

In the early nineties I took a disliking to Paul Gascoigne. I disliked the way that he conducted himself both on and off the pitch. When he moved to Lazio, my dislike continued. As a fit of teenage logic I decided to follow Lazio’s biggest rivals – AS Roma – to display my distaste for Gascoigne… I’ve followed them ever since.


What are your earliest memories of Roma?

I remember being avidly glued to Channel Four on Sunday afternoons. It was the highlight of my week – especially when Roma were playing. The Derby della Capitale was the highlight of my season, especially to see the disappointment on Gascoigne’s face! When my wife and I visited Rome in 2015, ostensibly for a much delayed honeymoon and for the Rome Marathon, I ensured that we got to take in a Roma match too. The feeling of walking into the Curva Nord for the first time will never leave me… 

Who were the first Roma players you can remember liking and why?

In my formative years it has to be Abel Balbo. I remember him as a striker who made an immediate impact scoring 12 in his debut season. I recall that he could turn on a sixpence and always knew instinctively where the net was.

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Have you been able to form connections with other Roma fans? If so, how?

Yes. ASR supporters are a bit far and few between in the South West of the UK and after failing to watch matches with like minded people I looked around for a group that I could join. So, even though they are based 140 miles away from Bristol, through the power of social media I became a member of AS Roma North UK

What makes you proud to be a Roma fan?

In my humble opinion, the club has changed greatly over the years. We now seem to be a club that always threaten to cause an upset but sometimes fall short of the promise. Being an English Italophile and having a strong emotional draw to the Capitale, I am able to fall under the umbrella of Roma supporters. The bond is strong between all of us.


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